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Posted December 5th, 2011 by Paul Clapp

Back when I started getting into web design fonts on the web were always a problem for me. For years I had to put up with the same standard set of fonts, Verdana, Arial and god forbid, Times New Roman. To avoid cross browser issues I would often resort to using images to display fonts, which is fine but no use at all for SEO.

Nowadays, web fonts have moved on with the likes of TypeKit, Font Squirrel and Google Fonts providing a plethora of fonts for our web sites and online projects.



Typekit was launched in 2009 and using Javascript and a subscription service allows web designers to embed non-standard, non-system-specific fonts on to their web sites. Prices start at $24.99 per year for a single site and go up to $99.99 for unlimited fonts on unlimited web sites. With Adobe having recently acquired Typekit the future certainly looks bright for Typekit subscribers.

Font Squirrel


Using the @Font-Face Kits you can easily download any of the commercial use free fonts, upload them direct to your server and add them to your style sheet. The best bit about this method is as the fonts are on your server they will always be available and you won’t have to worry about firewalls blocking your fonts.

Google Web Fonts


Another free option, Google Web Fonts allows you to integrate hundreds of free open-source fonts onto your web sites. Using the Google API it is a simple process adding fonts to your site although the results can be varied.

As long as you can justify the price tag Typekit is by far the best solution for your font needs. It isn’t particularly expensive at $99.99 a year but added to the additional costs of domain names, hosting, advertising etc you may decide a free option is more than adequate. Having had a number of cross browser issues with Google Web Fonts (they look terrible in IE and not much better in Firefox) I would highly recommend Font Squirrel, there are a nice selection of commercial use free fonts and you can feel safe in the knowledge the y will always work as the source files are sitting right on your server.

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